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I am a visual storyteller

My photographic work originates from the need to communicate about aspects of the human condition through means of local, small-scale stories.

I began working as a documentary photographer in 2011, publishing in international media like National Geographic, TIME Lightbox, Al Jazeera or GEO magazine.

My photographs have been exhibited at cultural centers such as The Cervantes Institute in New York, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts or Spanish Embassy in Tokio. In 2018, I was selected for the traveling exhibition Creadores de Conciencia which compiles the work of 40 authors under the topic committed photographers of Spain.


National Geographic Explorer

My documentary work has been recognized and funded by a number of institutions. By 2018, I became a National Geographic Explorer for my project Matagi, and selected to be part of National Geographic Leadership Program in 2020.

The project has aroused great interest from the Spanish and Japanese embassies; the respective ambassadors have recognized that «it’s an artistic proposal and socio-cultural exchange that reinforces historical ties and contributes to the knowledge of a traditional Japanese subculture, unknown even among a large part of the Japanese population».


OAK founder and director

In 2015 I found a creative agency and production company specialized in the development of documentary projects. We are united by the importance of communicating initiatives and stories with a high socio-cultural value in a truthful and creative way.

At OAK we live to tell stories. Our raison d’être is to contribute to the understanding of the world we inhabit, exploring its confines and putting the human being at the center of the equation. A journey to analyze how our relationship with the planet and with our fellow men evolves.

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