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Tierra Verde

The problem of land tenure in Colombia is the country’s oldest conflict. The struggle for control over the land’s wealth, and the right to exploit its resources, is an ongoing dispute in which the weakest link struggles for survival.

For decades the mines of Muzo, the emerald capital of the world, have produced an immense fortune for their owners. At the end of the last century, several conflicts between the emerald leaders took place to take control of the territory during the so-called ‘Green Wars’. In those days, the ‘barequeros’ –emerald seekers– gathered by the thousands around the Río Minero valley, hoping to find under the dark soil the “gem" that would bring them out of extreme poverty. After Colombian environmental laws prohibited the dumping of leftover grit and rocks from mining excavations into the river, only a few dozen “barqueros” still continue to remove the debris with their bare hands.

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Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (2019)

Creadores de Conciencia

DKV & Reporters Without Border (RSF) , 2018

This project is a tribute to professional and committed photographers in Spain, a generation of storytellers whose reportages focus on transcendental moments in recent history and have done so, on many occasions, in precarious situations.

"Creadores de Conciencia" is a book and a traveling exhibition curated by Chema Conesa and Juan Manuel Castro-Prieto, a map of the world's problems. Since its opening in Barcelona (2018), the exhibition has been hosted in prestigious museums and photofestivals throughout Spain, with almost 200,000 visitors.

The authors: Walter Astrada, Javier Bauluz, Pep Bonet, Olmo Calvo, José Cendón, José Colón, Javier Corso, Ricky Dávila, Juan M. Díaz Burgos, Ricardo García Vilanova, Antonio González Caro y Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Sebastián Liste, J.M.López, Andoni Lubaki, Enric Martí, Andrés Martínez Casares, Maysun, Fernando Moleres, Alfonso Moral, Emilio Morenatti, Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Ana Palacios, Santi Palacios, Judith Prat, Abel Ruiz de León, Rafael S. Fabrés, Carlos Spottorno, Rafael Trobat, Guillem Valle y Mingo Venero.


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