OAK is an agency and audiovisual production company dedicated to the development of documentary projects. We are not a channel, we are interpreters of reality. Our mission is to research and document unique, thought-provoking stories about global issues, and to do so in a way that fascinates the world.

We know that what is told is as important as how it is transmitted, and it is in this work that our narrative perspective makes us unique. Innovation, journalistic rigor and audiovisual excellence are values that we put at the service of our projects, adapting languages and formats with a single purpose: to tell stories.

At OAK we live to tell stories. Our raison d'être is to contribute to the understanding of the world we inhabit, exploring its confines and putting the human being at the center of the equation. We want to be visual witnesses of the present, learning from the past but with our eyes set on the future; a journey to analyze how our relationship with the planet and with our fellow men evolves.

We combine the development of original documentary projects with the creation of branded content for our clients. These actions give us the opportunity to put our experience as storytellers at the service of brands, institutions and foundations. We are united by the importance of communicating initiatives and stories with a high socio-cultural value in a truthful and attractive way.

Javier Corso

Javier Corso is a photographer based in Barcelona, founder and director at OAK STORIES (documentary agency and production company), and National Geographic Explorer.
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