Produced with OAK STORIES (2015)

Essence du Bénin

In Benin, there is an active illegal petrol trafficking network from Nigeria whose origins date to 1970. Benin does not have enough gas stations to supply its population, and the existing ones cannot compete with the low prices set by smugglers. In only a few decades, the sale of gasoline has become the first –under the table– economic activity and major traffickers are now in charge of many aspects of society. Politicians have surrendered to them and the authorities become corrupt in exchange for a few CFA's, the Beninese currency.

Women, disabled people, university students and even children depend on this activity, as it is one of the few work alternatives they have to support their families. All of them are equally exposed to the dangers of explotions caused transporters’ accidents with heavy-loaded motorcycles, which has already resulted in hundreds of deaths in recent years. Equally dangerous but less obvious are the gasoline gases that cause serious health risks. The tentacles of the illegal network are embedded in every corner of the Beninese society, which alone cannot cope with a problem that extends beyond its borders. The only possible solution is for all actors involved to do their part to stop this activity, but so far there is no solution in sight, at least not in the short term.

Essence du Bénin - Documentary Film

Co-produced with OAK STORIES & TV3 (30 minuts), 2016

Runtime: 30'00’'
Film language: French
Subtitles: English
Country of filming: Benin - Nigeria
Film color: Black & White
Coordinator: Javier Corso
Filmmaker: Lautaro Bolaño
Producer: Neus Marmol

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